Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For the past few days, the weather here has consisted of ice and snow!! Today we had alittle bit of 'Cabin Fever', so we went to Wal-Mart and got Hunter some snow gear! We came home and played in the snow!!! When we put the boots on Hunter, it was hilarious, because he would NOT bend his knees when he walked!! But, as you can see, after a while he got used to them, and he and the puppies had an AWESOME time!! OH, and yes, I said PUPPIES. Seriously, did we need another dog?? Let me answer that, NO!!! Brian says this is "Hunter's" puppy. Convenient, b/c guess who get's to take care of him ALL day?!?!? Well, anyway, he IS pretty cute, and he's great with Hunter. He's American Bulldog and his name is CASH.


Arissa's Photography!!!

So, of course I have to show off my handsome little son!! I know he's mine, but I think you, too, will find these pictures pretty darn cute! If you want to see Hunter's newest pictures, check out go to 'viewing and ordering' click on the link and you'll see Hunter (the 5th one down). Arissa is AMAZING. She was so great with Hunter and she had our proofs for us to see THE NEXT MORNING BY 7:30a.m. Her studio is in Overland Park(ATTENTION all my KC friends and family), but she tries to make it to the Lake often if anyone is interested! Thank you, 'Rockley's', for introducing us to her!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Really, how do I discipline this??

Dinner took a little longer than I had anticipated tonight. Brian and I were playing with blocks with Hunter and watching the news. The next thing I new I was saying..."What was that???", only to find Hunter in the kitchen...need I say more??? I think the poor kid was hungry....

That's a bag of pretzals that he had gotten out of the pantry...all over the floor!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Brian's Surprise party!

Me, Katie (Brian's sister), and Janine (sister-in-law)

The Friday after Christmas, I threw a little surprise party for Brian's 30th birthday. All of his siblings were there...YAY! Even though Annie was upstairs sick!! (Unfortunately the stomach flu was passed around the Johnson family during least Brian and I got it BEFORE we went to was brutal) Anyway, I had this cake made for him to tell him we were going to Vegas for his birthday!! It was SO cute and VERY delicious!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


For those of you who don't know, for Brian's 30th birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Vegas...since he had never been before! We met up with some friends out there and we had a blast! It was our first time leaving Hunter for more than one night (which we have only done once) and I LIVED!! Hunter was SPOILED by my parents while we were gone...they had alot of fun! It was definitly nice to getaway, since the week before Brian and I had the stomache flu. However, my dad left for a business trip Sunday morning, and my mom came down with the flu that same morning!! While she was getting sick, she said Hunter was REALLY upset (like holding his breathe crying). And she said once he got calmed down, he started acting like he was throwing up, too! I laughed when she told me, and THEN, the other night, out of NO where, he starts gagging and laughing and bending over like he was throwing up!! It was HILARIOUS, we thought anyway. I got a video of it, and I posted it. It's so funny how kids pick up on things!

The biggest tower of seafood I've ever seen

The night of Brian's actual birthday at Binion's

Kokomo's---we all agreed, hands down this was the best dinner we have EVER had...I'm still dreaming about those Coconut Shrimp, Sarah!