Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Baby Shower!

Okay, so you have to hand it to me. I'm doing much better at this blog. It is SO much easier! And right now Brian is watching a REALLY boring movie, and I'm bored and thought I would post some pictures from our day. Today my mom and I had a baby shower for my cousin's wife. They have a precious baby boy on the way, due in October. We are excited for him and Hunter to be good lil' buddies! Enjoy the pictures of our day, as we had a wonderful time filled with great FAMILY and FRIENDS!!
Hunter and his Poppy having fun sittin' on a log.

The cute it that cake?? Thanks 'Sugar Loft'!

The Hostesses (my mom and I)

The cutest flower pen favors Susan made us!

The mommy-to-be and her momma

(I hope you and your mom don't mind I posted a picture of you two!)

This picture makes me smile...Hunter and his 'GG' (great-grandma)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A busy boy! trying to get a 10 1/2 month old to pose for a picture is so FUN!! Nana and I were trying to get a picture of him for his birthday invitation, and boy was that a challenge! We did end up getting a really cute one...and some other pretty funny one's, too!! Here are few; they made me laugh!

Such an innocent little face! How could he EVER do anything wrong?
(on the coffee table)

I think he was alittle freaked out by all the flashes!

He LOVES the cowboy hat!! Can't you tell?

Well, I opened his chest to get out some clothes, and I turned my back for 1/2 a second and he was IN the chest. I had to get a pictures. He's going to be a climber!!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Our first blog

I decided to change from Babyblogs to here. Mainly because Hunter is not going to be a baby forever. And...this one if FREE!! So, welcome to our family blog!! We have been busy. Brian built a new shed in our backyard, and he is getting ready to start a deck. We went to Branson this weekend and had alot of fun. However, we spent most of our time 'cruising' the strip trying to get Hunter to sleep!! Needless to say, he is not a good hotel sleeper! Here are a few pictures taken over the past couple of weeks!