Sunday, May 3, 2009


I think I'm pretty well caught up, now. Tonight I added 8 new posts. I'm going to try to be better at this! So, make sure you see them all!!

Hunter's newest discovery....

For those of you who don't know this, Hunter is 100% BOY. If he's not climbing onto something, he's figuring out what, in our house, can give him the biggest thrill. Anyway, today he realized he could scoot the Rubbermaid tub on the tile/hardwood, jump in it and slide! Well, when Brian saw this, he put a pillow in the tub, let Hunter lay down, and would push him across the length of the living room as fast as he could. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?

Keeping him entertained on the way to Springfield...

Once again, in Nonni's glasses! We were on our way to see GG, my 90 year old grandma, which almost brought tears to my eyes to see just how sweet Hunter was with her. We had dinner at Aunt Ju-wah's! (A.K.A. Aunt Judy) Plus, we got to see my cousin and her family! We had a great time and ate great food, thanks to Ju-wah!!

Mommy's hat

So, here is Hunter in one of my hats...he LOVES to wear it!! At least it's Camo and 'Browning'...what more do you what boys?!?

And this would what Hunter likes to do with Cash's new collar...

Wearing Nonni's glasses!


Once again the pictures are out of order, sorry. I just LOVE MY BOYS!!!

Kissed for Daddy!! How cute are they??


The result of the haircut...not too bad, Brian!

The whole time he was saying 'Haircut, haircut, haircut, haircut....' Now, he gets the razor, without the blad of course, and takes it to his stuffed animals and says 'haircut'. Why do I feel like he'll be giving himself a 'haircut' someday....

Playing in the water and Nonni and Poppy's

These are in reverse order, but the other night, while at Nonni and Poppy's, Hunter and Ellie got ahold of the hose. It was pretty cute, and Hunter was SOAKED. They both had so much fun!!

Stealing candy out of 'Nonni's pretties' (he's not suppose to touch them) Does he look ornery or what?

Ellie had a clip in her hair, and Hunter needed one, too!

Ellie's losing all her teeth!! She's getting so BIG!

Ellie picking on her little cousin!!

Easter at Nana (Nonni) and Poppy's

Here are some Easter pics...alittle late, sorry. Just haven't had much time to sit around and blog. When Hunter first started talking, he always referred to my mom as Nana...just as my niece does; however, one day, a few months ago, he started calling her Nonni! We don't know where he came up with it or why, he just did. So, now my mom has two names....Nana and's not confusing at all!!