Sunday, November 9, 2008


Okay, so, I have a TON of photos this post. They got out of order somehow when I uploaded them; but, I'm sure you can figure them out. Some are random, some are from Halloween, some are from Brian and Hunter's Gorilla night(hilarious, by the way, I'm sure you had to be there, though), and some are from today. It was a GREAT fall day to bundle up and play outside, so that's just what we did....
"Hot"---for some reason he thought the bird bath was hot?!?!

Our little Russian

He looks so old here :(


Hunter and Daddy playing "Gorillas" ...and I wonder where he gets his energy???

Yes, he is this wild in person

Alistair and Hunter...they are like's so cute!

Rainbow Bright and baby Godzilla!

Thing 1 and Thing2

You try to get a 2 month old, 10 month old, and 13 month old to pose for a picture.

Hunter voted....did you??

Our entertainment....

His "good butt" jeans

Bath water tastes delicious

Brushing his teeth