Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photos from the previous week....

Helping MOM cook dinner tonight!


I gave him this whisk and he took it everywhere he went...easily entertained!!

We have to lock the bathroom door, b/c Hunter thinks it's great to play in the toilet....sick, I know. So, the other day he found a key somewhere and went over to the bathroom door, put the key up to the handle and was 'trying' to unlock it!! It's amazing how smart they really are.

The little caterpillar! He and Brian were playing in the pillows! It was hilarious! Hunter thought it was GREAT!

Clinging to me while I was cooking dinner tonight! Poor little guy doesn't feel well at all!

This weekend we took a long weekend and headed down to Dallas to visit Brian's sister and family. We had a great time, and Hunter was awesome. He'd had some sniffles and a cough, and I thought it must be allergies; but, when we got back to MO it was much worse...so today, being the overly paranoid first-time mother that I am, I took him to the DR. I guess the motherly instinct was right, b/c he has a double ear-infection. He's been running a pretty high temp and been so pitiful...so Brian and I pretty much let him do whatever he wanted tonight...within reason! We got some cute pictures....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day of Accomplishment!

Okay, so today, I FINALLY ordered our wedding photos. You have no idea how good that feels....I feel like I have conquered the world!! And ironically, on the same day, we received Hunter's one year proofs! I really thought I would have the wedding photos ordered before our first child's first birthday...but I didn't. You can take a look at Hunter's proofs at www.wbpics.com and click on Hunter Johnson...the password is Hunter. They are super cute (a true mother speaking)! I would give you the link to our wedding photos; however they expired 3 years ago.....

Friday, October 10, 2008

So we have a climber....

Brian was climbing out of his crib before he was one, and I was found on top of the frig. So, why would I be surprised to find Hunter in various places most one year olds shouldn't be able to get?? He has been climbing on top of our very tall king sized bed for awhile and I really thought that would be the extent of it....but boy was I wrong. Seriously, I turn my back for one second and it's all over. I got a couple shots of his most recent climbing adventures; yes, that is him on top of his changing table. He was just checkin out the picture of 'baby' Hunter. And yes, he is on top of the tray of his high chair; Alastair was eating, and evidently Hunter couldn't wait to play, so he just thought he'd go on up and join him! The second one is just a cute picture I took of him the other day while playing outside (this was taken when he wasn't picking the blooms off my mums). Oh, and I also had to throw in a picture of a proud Mama (ME) and her baby boy...which are rare. Even though he's not looking at the camera, I'll take what I can get....I'm not picky. Most of you mom's can probably relate, as we are usually the one's capturing those Kodak moments.