Monday, December 15, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Saturday we spent a fun-filled day with friends at Silver Dollar City! There were 4 couples, and we all have one boy and they are all under the age of 15 months (Hunter is the oldest). As soon as we parked our car, Hunter was running over to the boy in the car next to us, fell and skinned his nose. And so our life goes with boys....we better get used to it! He looks like Rudolf...quite festive actually! I'm not sure there was any single moment that we weren't changing diapers, feeding babies, or listening to the soft (or at times VERY loud...usually our kid) moans of a cry. But, this is our life for now...and we love every moment of it. I'm sure it won't be too long before we are off to our next adventure with all the BOYS again! We had a great time, and here are some photos of our day...note we NEVER got a picture of the entire group. Go figure!

Of course one stroller is missing!

We very randomly ran into my niece ELLIE!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Laguna Beach, CA

A couple of weeks ago, Brian came home and said he was leaving on a ski trip the NEXT day....surprise! So, Hunter and I booked a flight and headed out to Laguna Beach, CA to visit some friends...we weren't going to be left out of the FUN! We had a great time, and Hunter had his first official trip to the ocean. He thought it was great! Since it was my first time flying alone with him (interesting and exhausting), I chose not to add the big camera to the mix of the suitcase, stroller, car seat, purse, etc. So, the first few pictures are really good (they were taken with Sarah's camera, and if you follow the Brenon Bunch blog you've already seen these) and the rest didn't turn out too great since they are from a throw-away camera. I didn't even know those still existed! I'm kidding. I'm just really spoiled with our awesome camera. I love to have great pictures, so I won't be leaving this behind anymore!! Enjoy....

Most kids his age are terrified of him, but Hunter gladly sat on Santa's lap

Showing us that he had sand in his mouth! It was pretty much EVERYWHERE!

They were too funny together

On our way back to the car after eating sand, we had to totally strip him down since, like I said before, sand was EVERYWHERE.