Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I feel like Hunter has grown up SO much in just the past month or so. He repeats EVERYTHING we say...which is alittle scary, and is incredibly independent (WHO did he get THAT from???) Anyway, here are a few recent pictures of our little BOY...not a baby anymore:(

We bribe him with popcorn and a movie (It usually works till he's done with the popcorn...a good two min) while Brian and I get out butts kicked doing P90X! Our newest health kick...but it's doing something, b/c today, I literally can hardly walk!!

This is Hunter's newest favorite hang out....weird, I know?!?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breckenridge our ski trip wasn't 'AWESOME', but we did have fun!! I learned to ski!!! YAHOO!! BUT, Hunter got 'Acute Mountain Sickness' (if you don't know what that me, I'll spare's awful) PLUS an ear infection. We were in the ER with Oxygen, lots of meds, and projectile vomiting...nice. Brian and I definitely were thrown up on IN OUR MOUTHS on Valentine's day...very romantic. It was exhausting, but definitely a trip we won't forget. Unfortunately I only got a few here they are. It really was beautiful!

Hunter in his new bibs. We 'thought' he was better...boy were we WRONG!!

Hunter doing YOGA with Grandma and Aunt Anne
Me getting ready to hit the slopes...I know I look exhausted, it's b/c I was! But, skiing was still FUN!