Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Morning, Cash!!!

Hunter thought Cash might want alittle chicken broth for breakfast....who could say 'no' to this sweet face?!?!?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Toys, Ice, and our idiot dog...

Why does our American Bulldog prefer to sleep in our Westie's bed?? We, unfortunatly, don't know the answer to that question.

Who knew, on a hot sunny day, a bowl of ice could entertain 2 toddlers for more than 30 minutes??? AWESOME!!

Daddy and Hunter's newest toy!!!

Okay, so this might not exactly be 'safe'.

Friday, March 6, 2009

WOW…so we ate horribly today!

I know I’ve said this before, but recently I truly have notice how fast Hunter is growing up. And today, I very unintentionally spoiled him!! One thing I really pride myself on, is the fact that ALMOST always I offer Hunter three very healthy meals a day….I try to cover all four (or however many there are these days) food groups! But today was different….MUCH different. For whatever reason, last night at the grocery store, donuts were calling my name. This morning there were some left over, and I don’t want (need) to eat them, so I fed one to Hunter, and he thought it was AMAZING! Then I gave him some grapes to justify my poor decision! We ran some errands and I made a quick stop thru McDonald’s drive-thru and got him some chicken nuggets. Thinking I would feed them to him on our way home, we made one last stop to The Sugar Loft to order a cake. The girls in there thought Hunter was adorable, and well, he is…so they wanted to know if the could give him a cookie. Sure, why not?? Not thinking it was going to be the BIGGEST Snickerdoodle I’ve ever seen…and THE BEST! So we left, cupcakes in tow (they were too cute to pass up), I strapped him in his car seat, ready to feed him his chicken nuggets and I looked back and he was OUT. That cookie must have been delicious because he slept for 3 hrs!! He woke up eager to go outside to play, so we did. Then we came in for dinner…and well, we HAD to try the cupcakes!!! In my defense, he did eat ½ of a turkey sandwich before the cupcakes. Then, once again, I gave him some organic grapes and granola to justify it!! I’m pretty sure today I broke EVERY rule about teaching your child healthy eating habits…but oh well…Hunter sure thought his mom was pretty cool!! Back to reality tomorrow….

He was telling me "Moey" which ="More" in Hunter's language

Almost too cute to eat!


Playing in dirt...such a boy

When he is outside, it's almost impossible to get his attention long enough to snap a picture. This was my best attempt!