Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and our Newest Lil' Pumpkin

Well, it's only been about 8 months since my last, I thought I better make it good! So, first things first: While, pumpkin carving was quite an exciting event at our house this year, we have an even MORE exciting event coming up. Hunter is going to be a BIG brother!!! Although we have known for a while, we received the 'official' news Friday! It was so great to see the little 'wild thing' bouncing all over the place(a typical Johnson), pausing just for a second to focus in on that strong little heartbeat...which was music to this mama's ears!! We can't wait till we can frame another one of these!!!!

These were the final products of the pumpkin carving! I'm not sure who had more fun!!??!!

Hunter's reaction to what was inside was PRICELESS!

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Anne Living Life said...

How fun!
I love that picture of Brian holding Hunter :)